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The Room is at The Top - Climb The Latter

All The Room Is At The Top

Why has Stephen Jepson climbed to the top of this ladder?  Because that is where the room is.

Look !  The View !

I cannot remember a specific occasion when my father said this to me but I do remember the time frame in my life when it occurred. It was my teenage years. I worked for my dad’s business from the time I was 13 till I was 18. We spent hundreds probably thousands of hours together. 

All The Room Is At The Top!  The View At The Top Is The Best!

Frequently he would make funny remarks about people and life. I see my father as an especially bright guy. A few times during these extremely rich years my dad said “son all the room is at the top”. Oftentimes I did not have much of a grasp of what he said. And this is one of his remarks about achieving more than a modicum of success that I did not get right away. However as I made my way through early adulthood the full import of his message became understood. I have risen to the top in several different pursuits in life and today I can attest to the fact that – All The Room Is At The Top!  The View At The Top Is The Best.  Thank you Father.


Stephen Jepson

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