Learning to do complicated physical things

I deem myself to be a learning theorist inasmuch as I have studied how to share in an efficient and effective way what is in my noggin and body with someone else’s head and body. Historically I have been quite successful in these sharings. By some reckoning achieving remarkable results. If you have an interest, I will tell you how I (and others) make relatively difficult tasks easily learned. Fun too.Using what I have come to know and ferret out over the years has enabled me to learn to: ride a unicycle, juggle (at 71 I am currently learning to juggle clubs–not so easy), tight rope walk, walk on a loose rope, and do Jacks with my left hand (I am right-handed and I didn’t begin doing Jacks until 3 or 4 months ago), and much more. Sharing my thoughts in this way is totally new to me. This is the 2nd time in my life I have written a little note to the world. Smile. that’s what this seems to be––a note to the world. What else? For me to be writing here seems quite playful.