A Vibrant Healthy Life
Live A Vibrant Healthy Life

Make Healthy Hobbies - Live A long Healthy Life

A Long Healthy Life - A Vibrant Healthy Life - Make Healthy Hobbies

It certainly will be something that serves you well throughout your life. Make it fun. Study and learn as much as you can about what modern science and research says that contributes to living a long healthy life. Devise a plan that is yours, and follow it. Get excited about living a vibrant healthy life, it is a worthy goal. Being healthy contributes to living a long life. From about the time I was in my teens I have thought of old age as being 30 years older than I am at the time. Smile. I still feel that way today; I will be 85 my next birthday. Healthy hobbies are the best thing for us!

Live  A Long Healthy Life Videos - Setup A Jumping Course

Live A long  & Healthy Life Videos - Setup A Jumping Course on Your Playground!

You can live a long healthy life.  Many things contribute to better health & mental awareness.  As we know, exercise, and just moving around anywhere, or on the playground is so helpful, and even fun!  See my videos on fun & playful techniques to improve mental awareness, and physical well being.

Stephen Jepson "Never Leave The Playground"

Stephen Jepson continues to teach pottery. He is now retired and has dedicated himself to athletic inventions. He is appearing as The Keynote Speaker in many Venues Worldwide. "At age 85", I am living proof of a philosophy that keeps the mind and body active, simply through the art of play. His fun instructional videos are intended to teach anyone from age 6 to 106. Videos available include pottery making videos, and videos on health and wellness & many fun and helpful games.