Fun & Games -World Travel & Events

Fun & Games -World Travel & Events

Fun & Games

I have enjoyed many venues as the keynote speaker on health and wellness. Please take a look, and share with friends and family if you'd like.  For some Stay At Home Fun & Games & Learning with My Videos.

World Travel & Events 

Some of My World Travel & Events Featured Here

The Pottery Videos: See The Pottery Educational Videos

The Never Leave The Playground Videos:

See The NLTP video on better health & better brain function & the 5 in 1 video on learning to juggle clubs, learn tight rope walking, learn knife throwing, and unicycling fun.



"I. Introduction II. What is Commercial Real Estate? III. Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate? IV. Buying Commercial Real Estate: Tips and Considerations V. Selling Commercial Real Estate: Maximizing Your Profit VI. Leasing Commercial Real Estate: Finding the Right Tenant VII. Investing in Commercial Real Estate: Strategies for Success VIII. Commercial Real Estate Market Trends and Prices IX. Financing Options for Commercial Real Estate X. Finding the Right Commercial Real Estate Agent or Firm"