Surf Expo Orlando 2015

Surf Expo Orlando - A Program to Better Life  Healthier & Smarter  Learn to Wakeboard and Kite Board

Surf Expo Orlando 2015

Friday, September 11 was a fascinating day and beyond that a day that is proving to be most fruitful. I met lots of interesting people and I found several products that struck my fancy.

Let’s start at the beginning; my host was a most delightful fellow. He invited me to the shindig and put me up in his hotel; the dig was good. Our roommate was Craig B. Snyder who was hawking his beautiful new book: Secret History Of The Olllie. A 900+ page extravaganza; this brand-new book has won national awards. It contains mountains of interesting text and over 1200 images and photos many of which have never been seen. Of course I purchased an autographed copy.

The fellow who invited me, Michael Brooke, owns a publishing company. He produces beautiful magazines which are sold around the world. His publication Concrete Wave is a beautiful piece of work. And as a host he can’t be beat, he gave me a good place to sleep and fed me breakfast. We spent hours together talking – solving the problems of the planet. Smile. We had a great time. The two of us have some big plans for mutual endeavors in the future. Simpatico best describes us.

The room containing the show was gargantuan – resembling an airplane hangar. There were hundreds of exhibitors. The room was filled with beautiful women and totally buff young men.

I do product reviews and I found several for me to test with my camera crew producing videos for the Internet and advertising.

A Program to Better Life  Healthier & Smarter

I met some people who are interested in helping me get my message out: I am making the world a healthier and happier place through my – Never Leave The Playground program. I am also making the world a more beautiful place.  My program is A Program to Better Life.  Healthier & Smarter thinking will happen too.

Learn to Wakeboard and Kite Board

Also because of attending Surf Expo Orlando 2015 I have decided to learn to wakeboard and kite board in my 75th year. How about that? Many of you know how crucial I feel it is to keep moving. It is the secret to life.


Stephen Jepson

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