Fitness is A Way of Life - Burman University

Burman University Physical Education Centre

Stephen was at The Burman University Centre & Lacombe University.  

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In This Post:  Lacombe crowd gains playful advice on healthy living.  John MacNeil, Lacombe Globe are here as well.

Friday, June 12, 2015 2:08:57 MDT PM

Lifetime Fitness Weight Loss Program  Burman University
Lacombe crowd gains playful advice on healthy living.

Burman University and Physical Education - Fitness is A Way of Life

Stephen Jepson is with Burman University student and Physical Education Centre employee Kristen Clark (left) and personal trainer Cortney Taylor after his health presentation, Never Leave the Playground, last Wednesday night at the Lacombe University. Photo by John MacNeil, Lacombe Globe.

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Fitness is A Way of Life


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