A Habit of A Healthy Lifestyle - Reverse The Aging Process

How To Reverse The Aging Process - A Habit of A Healthy Lifestyle

You can Reverse The Aging Process

You can reverse the aging process. 85-year-old Stephen Jepson is about to repeat a physical feat he did (accomplished) 59 years ago in 1957 when he was 16. In 57 young Jepson swam the largest natural lake in his home state of Iowa. In his mid-60s Stephen became completely paralyzed in the upper right quadrant of his torso. He could not use his right arm at all. It hung limp at his right side. After a cervical spine fusion the nerves regenerated; his neurosurgeon said his recovery was a miracle. He swam the lake again at 65, 70, and now Jepson is 85.

 A Professional Speaker Traveling The World

These days Stephen is a professional speaker traveling the world sharing his Never Leave The Playground concepts; helping people make a habit of a healthy lifestyle. His program helps people reverse the aging process. He says: “we all can experience becoming younger day by day”. He says that statistically people who do what I share and teach do not get dementia and Alzheimer’s. At 75 he is living proof of his life enriching message. Be Young again.

There are many YouTube videos of Jepson demonstrating what he does to thwart the aging process. You can learn a lot more about his practices by visiting the website.

A Professional Speaker On Health and Wellness. 

He will come and share his life-changing ideas with your group or organization. He can be contacted through his website or by calling 407-349-5587.

Jepson has been called the most interesting person in the world. You can learn a lot more about this young-again man by googling his name and checking out his biography on Wikipedia.

Get Started Now, and Reverse The Aging Process. You Can Improve Your Memory & Become More Creative. A Healthier Lifestyle. A Professional Speaker on Health & Wellness.

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