introduce more play in my life

How would I introduce more play in my life?

More Play in Life

Introduce more play in my life

The dictionary shows many definitions for the word play. Indeed there are many ways to play.  I am always looking for a way to introduce more play in my life.

Improving our hunter and gathering skills

I believe the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens suggests we spent a long time improving our hunter and gathering skills. Our brains got better and better at controlling our bodies to do a variety of movements with our hands and feet. Our brains evolved to help us move better.

My games are Fun

My use of the word play is the variety of physical stuff we did on the playground in our youth. Including: jump rope, jacks, marbles, hopscotch, merry-go-round, swings, teeter totters, monkey bars, basketball, ring toss, and on and on.  With my playings and games I want to emulate, approximate some of the kind of movements we used as children to train our motor skills. I give the right hand and left hand and right foot and left foot unique challenges for the brain and body. This provides many advantages, including better: balance, stability, coordination, memory, creativity, mood.  Overall improved health. Beyond contributing to neurogenesis in a major way,  my games are fun.

That is what I suggest for all.

You can find fun new ways to move your hands and feet and be playful in your quest.