What can I do to be happier

What can I do to be happier?


What can I do to be happier

What can I do to be happier - A magnificent journey.

One thing you can do is to constantly be on the lookout for things you enjoy.

Be bold when it comes to trying new things – read a book, take a course, study and learn about what you enjoy.

I have spent a lot of time playing because in 1965 I discovered something that was to be my life’s work for the next 49 years, it has been quite a magnificent journey.

One does not have to always be questing; sometimes reveling in your triumphs can be a source of joy – sitting in the backyard with a delicious cup of coffee.  Faces being warmed by the early morning sun.

Being happy is a choice

Being happy is a choice or a cultivated and honed skill.  There are more things to be happy about because we have a choice.


Being happy is a choice


Stephen Jepson "Never Leave The Playground"

Stephen Jepson continues to teach pottery. He is now retired and has dedicated himself to athletic inventions. He is appearing as The Keynote Speaker in many Venues Worldwide. "At age 85", I am living proof of a philosophy that keeps the mind and body active, simply through the art of play. His fun instructional videos are intended to teach anyone from age 6 to 106. Videos available include pottery making videos, and videos on health and wellness & many fun and helpful games.