What can I do to be happier

What can I do to be happier?


What can I do to be happier

What can I do to be happier - A magnificent journey.

One thing you can do is to constantly be on the lookout for things you enjoy.

Be bold when it comes to trying new things – read a book, take a course, study and learn about what you enjoy.

I have spent a lot of time playing because in 1965 I discovered something that was to be my life’s work for the next 49 years, it has been quite a magnificent journey.

One does not have to always be questing; sometimes reveling in your triumphs can be a source of joy – sitting in the backyard with a delicious cup of coffee.  Faces being warmed by the early morning sun.

Being happy is a choice

Being happy is a choice or a cultivated and honed skill.  There are more things to be happy about because we have a choice.


Being happy is a choice


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