I am not a leader. I am merely indicating what I believe to be The path To Better Health.

The Path To Better Health & Keep Your Brain Sharp

Helping People on The Path to Better Health

I am helping people to become more adept with regard to how they move their physical bodies through the art of play.  My program is helping people on the path to better health.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

The Path To Better Health & Keep Your Brain Sharp.  I was sitting thinking about my role in helping people to become more adept with regard to how they move their physical bodies. I thought – am I a leader? And then I thought, what a pretentious idea; me a leader. And then I thought of myself as pointing the direction; indicating a way to go, a fruitful path. Each of us can plan and create their own way to better health.

Follow The Leader & Become The Leader

Follow the leader – In a way yes.  In a way no

Think about a group of people making their way through a new territory; do they spread out each one making their own path – a new trail or does the group follow one who is determining the way? If this were not the case there would be no trails. Some trails are so worn they last for centuries.

Dr. Joan Verikos has found a new path; that is, the aging process can be reversed. Now we have a new trail. I have come up with an efficacious way to reverse aging that is fun, fast, and easy. Training our bodies in much the same way we did as children on the playground;  which yielded valuable skill sets we would need our entire lives.

Now you become the leader.

The leader of you – once you have the concept you will design your own path, choosing your own fun things to do to train your body. It will keep your brain sharp till you are old. It will keep you out of a nursing home. I cannot imagine going from playing on the playground to a nursing home. Seems like there would be quite a vast distance from playing on the playground to spending one’s time in a nursing home. Stay on the playground.

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