Sedentary behavior is death

Sitting Kills Moving Heals by: Joan Vernikos

Sedentary Behavior is Death.

A sedentary lifestyle is death. We are animals, and we are born to move. We are not bushes, trees, or carrots. See Daniel Wolpert’s TED talk entitled: “The real reason for brains”.

So many people live a sedentary lifestyle for years, and then get quite fat and a little sick and they go to the doctor and want to be fixed with a pill. Doctors do not have a pill for a sedentary lifestyle.  I totally understand why this unfolded – we have history to view here; lots of verifiable data.  Visit My Site on Wellness Through Play or go to the video store.

We no longer have to move to turn things on or off.

When I grew up in the 40s and 50s (I am still growing up) I seem to have been taught that all of the modern conveniences coming online were wonderful: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, air-conditioning, telephone, power lawnmowers, IBM Selectric typewriters, and then the remotes, remotes, and more remotes. We no longer have to move to turn the TV on or off or to change channels. We can turn the fans on, we can turn the lights on or off, we can turn the record player on, we can start the coffee in the morning, open the garage door, unlock the car doors, start the car, opened the gate in front of the house, and on and on.

Improve Body Movement Coordination, Play - Sedentary Behavior is Death

Sitting Kills Moving Heals by: Joan Vernikos

We no longer have to move to turn things on or off. All of this was done so we could spend more time doing (?) or lounging. Lounging turned out to be quite popular, and with all of the “modern conveniences” we could spend lots of time lounging. Perhaps we Americans are premier loungers in the world. If not, at least we are in competition for the record. By the way read “lounging” as sedentary behavior or a sedentary lifestyle. Now is the moment when you need to go to your computer and order a most wonderful book by Dr. Joan Vernikos. This particular Dr. helped the astronauts rehabilitate when they returned from space. Her book is entitled: “Sitting Kills Moving Heals”.

A small change in your life (which is also fun) will yield quite remarkable results.

I have a way for you that is fun, fast, and easy to make your hands and feet quicker and more accurate – regardless of what you already do.

Sitting Kills Moving Heals

When I was a kid in the 1950s in my hometown Sioux City, Iowa I would walk through downtown putting my hand on top of a parking meter and vault over the meter much as I’m doing here. Here  in my 70s still playing.

This will add tremendously to the quality of your life.  Do my playful stuff, and you will feel better and be better.

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