Three Handled Balancer -Hand-Eye Coordination Training & Improvement
Stephen's Three Handled Balancer for Hand Eye Training

Three Handled Balancer - Hand-Eye Coordination Training & Improvement

I made this three handled balancer to improve hand-eye coordination. Training & improvement go hand in hand here, and it is great fun.

Left Hand - Right Hand - Both Hands

In this video, I show examples of my method to better life & longevity.  Every technique and exercise here is either free or very expensive to setup. Many of my methods of play to improve cognitive function, and to improve stability, and balance featured here are Unique!  Think you will be quite surprised, and elated to see the improvement in both your mental capacity, mental sharpness, and general physical condition. My technique will naturally increase your metabolism so the body can processes things in the correct way.

I can hold in my left hand, I can hold in my right hand, and I can hold with two hands. I put a ball on top and while sitting I balance it. I put a ball on top, stand up and while standing I balance it. I can balance a ball while standing on one foot holding with one hand. I can do the same with one eye covered with an eyepatch. When something becomes too easy for me I up the difficulty.

 My Program includes this, and many more fun things.

Three Handled Balancer - Hand-Eye Coordination Training & Improvement
I (Stephen) am here at the 2015 Balloon Festival - What Fun it Was!


Stephen Jepson