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Learn To Juggle - Where is Stephen Juggling?

Learn To Juggle

Learn To Juggle - Learn to Juggle Clubs _ I did a few months ago

I recently completed a 6986 mile road trip. It was a magnificent excursion. I learned to juggle three clubs a few months ago and I decided to practice juggling in famous places having my photograph taken to document my progress. The books I have read recently all say if you can do only one thing for your health it is to be physically active; to keep moving. So I kept moving around the US juggling all the way. It was great and my juggling did improve. I believe there is a strong relationship between how much you move today and tomorrow with how much you will be moving next week and next month. So stay active each day if you want to be moving next year.

My Instructional Video on Juggling

I created a video on juggling. Please take a look in The Video Shop to see that and other items featured on the video like Unicycling, and Knife Throwing.


Learn To Juggle & Unicycle Instructional Video - Stay Active each day


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